One Billion. The Goal.

I'm the Tech Sumo at AppSumo, the company behind SumoMe.

From its inception, we've rallied behind a single goal. A billion unique visitors to sites that have SumoMe installed.

We have a giant projector screen with a counter heading toward that number. (And, just today, we hit 250 million -- a quarter of our goal)

Our company dashboard

Chief Sumo, Noah Kagan, has already talked about what having a single goal can do for a company.

As someone who has to make decisions on what to work on daily, the single most valuable part of this goal for me is that it determines prioritization.

Our first app for SumoMe was Highlighter. Personally, I think it's also the worst of our apps. It makes sense. It was our first and I didn't really know what I was doing quite yet. It's not bad, but it's not great either.

I would absolutely love to swing back around and update it so that it works a little bit better. Add some settings to prevent highlights that are ridiculous or are part of a headline or navigation. Maybe enable author-only mode that lets the administrator highlight 'tweetable' sentences in their articles, but not readers.

But that's where the goal kicks in. I could go back and satisfy the itch to make a mediocre app awesome, which, let's be honest, wouldn't drive many new SumoMe installs. Or I could work on the next app that would be new and exciting.

The new app generates renewed interest and reaches people who may not have wanted any of our previous apps. When you look at the prioritization through the lens of our goal, it becomes obvious what I should work on.

I'm not saying if it's broken, we won't fix it. Or that if there's a feature that we can add that'll make our users happy, we won't add it.

Obviously, broken functionality takes precedence over everything and making our users happy is in our best interest, but when determining to make something that's close-to-awesome awesome or making something that could reach a whole new group of people, I've got a clear goal. One billion uniques.

If your company does decide to create a single goal, make it a good one. It's powerful and drives every decision. We've done it once before with our Monthly 1k Course, which became one of our most-prized assets and has changed thousands of peoples' lives in the process.

It's September and we're a quarter of the way to our billion. I'll let you know when we hit our mark.


If you want to get more traffic, grow your following, collect email addresses, and -- more selfishly -- help us reach our goal, check out SumoMe!